Nomadic Nitty-Gritty

This page is here for those of you that would like to know a little more about the details of how we’re actually making it happen. If there’s something you’d like to know that isn’t covered here, please feel free to contact us.

Affording It

The biggest roadblock for most people who want to do this kind of thing is the financial one, but a trip like this is really not as expensive as you may think. Vacations are expensive because you continue to have all your at-home expenses, add the cost of hotels and travel, and (for many people, at least) it also involves not getting paid because you’re not working. This isn’t vacation, though.

Because we’re renting out our house we have no at-home costs. Just the opposite, in fact – the rent we get for our house covers our mortgage, property management, insurance, maintenance cost, etc. and even leaves a little bit of income for us. Add to that our income from working (see below) and we have ourselves a living wage.

The cost of living will vary from one location to the next, but we intend to keep our expenses down by choosing modest accommodations and taking housesitting assignments whenever we can through services like In countries where the cost of living is low, we should be able to actually save money to pay for visits to more expensive countries.


As mentioned we’re both continuing to work through the whole trip. This would have been more difficult a few years back, but thanks to the internet, location is not the restriction it once was.

Mark has many irons in the fire. He is a freelance graphic designer, sells stock graphics on, runs a graphic design blog, wrote a book about home recording (he studied audio engineering before getting into graphic design), and built/manages a gift recommendation website.

Pia works as a medical transcriptionist and editor, which can all be done remotely. She has her TESL certification and plans to take on teaching and tutoring jobs occasionally.

All of this makes our working requirements simple: all we need is our laptops and internet access. Luckily internet access is pretty easily accessible these days.

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