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Back into Canada: Niagara Falls and T.O.

niagara falls and torontoAfter a chunk of time in the US, I have to say it feels good to be back in the Great White North basking in the warm glow of the metric system, multi-coloured money, and unnecessary apologies. We came back into Canada trough Detroit and into Windsor, Ontario, where we had lunch with my Uncle’s sister, her son ...continue reading

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Breaking the Windy City

Chicago! Windy! Oprah! Perfect Strangers!

The end.

…Just kidding. Believe it or not, there’s more to the windy city than what’s listed above. We spent an entire week there, which in and of itself was such a luxury. This is the first time since Calgary that we’ve stayed more than two nights in one location. As you might imagine, ...continue reading

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Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends, and Cowboys

Banff National Park AlbertaWe rolled into Calgary last Tuesday (July 12th) for a little visit with friends and family, and stayed with some lovely friends of ours, Julie and Jeremy. When we arrived we only intended to stay for a few days – maybe until the weekend, we thought – but our hosts managed to keep convincing us to stay a little longer, and a little longer (“but if you stay an extra day then ...continue reading

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