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Holiday Celebrations and Asia Preparations

butchart gardensWell, somehow our 6 weeks in Victoria are almost done. It really doesn’t feel like we’ve been here that long, yet, at the same time, it feels like ages ago that we were living in a minivan; it’s funny how distorted our perception of time can be. It has definitely been nice being home, seeing our friends and family, having a real kitchen to cook in, some space, some consistency, ...continue reading

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Our Home For The Next 6 Months

As mentioned previously, we’re beginning our trip with a road trip around Canada and the US, and since it would be extremely pricey to stay in hotels every night, we’re going to camp the majority of the time. The comfort issues and setup time associated with tenting made it something we would rather not do for 6 months straight, so we needed to find an affordable solution that was comfortable for us to live and work in ...continue reading

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The Story So Far…

The first seeds of this idea started a few years ago when we were newly dating. We both love to travel, and are both curious about the world, so phrases that began with “I’d love to go to…” were common in our conversations but always ended with the qualifier “one day”. After a while we got it into our head that “in a couple of years” we should live abroad for a year; ...continue reading

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