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Sand, Snow, and Skyscrapers

new york skylineWe drove South-East from Boston (Bahhston) to Cape Cod (Cape Cahhd), a New England summer vacation hotspot (hahht… well, you get the picture). Despite the fact that it was pouring rain as we drove out to the cape, it was easy to see why it’s such a popular destination. The towns are all adorable, full of colonial-style buildings, artisan shops, and (at the end ...continue reading

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The Pie’s the Limit, Vol. 1

Let’s talk about pie. Pie! Is there a better dessert? Cookies are portable, and cake is nice, and cupcakes are fun but (I think) overrated. Pie, on the other hand. It takes some time to make; you can’t whip one up in ten minutes, especially if you’re making the crust from scratch. People are a little scared by pie dough, which is ...continue reading

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Mountainsides and Scary Rides

Here are my thoughts on the first few days of the trip (Vancouver to Boise):

-Beer + sweet friends + Phnom Penh + bowling + Troll 2 = one happy Pia.
-UTI? More like BOO-TI. See what I did there?
-Fourth of July in America is something to behold. Stars and stripes and red and white and blue and ...continue reading

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