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Left and Leaving: Victoria, Vancouver, Boise

nomadic travellers in boiseWell… it’s finally here. After what feels like an eternity of planning, at long last we’re on the road, and it’s the real deal. After four years of planning and preparation, we expected the act of finally leaving to be a momentous and event, but in the end we really had multiple little departures rather than one big one.

Mini-departure ...continue reading

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Montana To British Columbia (By Way Of Bavaria)

From Ennis we continued North to Montana’s capital, Helena, and arrived under thick, gray rain clouds. Being a Sunday, most of the stores in the little town center were closed, and it seemed like maybe Helena was not much worth seeing. We wandered into a little pedestrian-only shopping area, and before long the sun made its first appearance ...continue reading

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Namesakes and Boiling Lakes

To begin with, here is the greatest picture ever taken:

Mark found his home! Seriously, though, this place was named after someone who is related to Mark – a ...continue reading

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Test Trip 2: Planned For Alaska, Left For Wyoming

I’m not sure where the last couple of weeks have gone. Maybe we packed them by accident. I can’t tell anymore. Once we got back from our first test run, we started going fast and furiously on packing, getting rid of things, finding tenants for our house, and final preparations for the trip. Before we knew it, the night before our trip to Alaska arrived and our heads were spinning.

Our initial plan for this second ...continue reading

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Brewpubs and Tiger Cubs (A Test Trip to Oregon)

Greetings from exotic Victoria! We had meant to update about our first trip before getting back home, but things were pretty hectic and we really didn’t have much time. The first venture went relatively smoothly. We used this as a test run for the real deal, so lots of little adjustments were being made, like reorganizing the location of some of ...continue reading

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