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Ginger Gals and Pirate Pals

Yikes! I feel as though I am desperately overdue for an update, and so much has happened since Mark posted last.

I am writing this post from a cabin looking out onto ...continue reading

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Patient Spouses and Perfect Log Houses

I’ll just start with the bad news: On our first day in Québec City, I left our camera in a coffee shop downtown where it was stolen. It was our anniversary (although we didn’t realize that the camera was gone until the next day, which was kind of a blessing because it would have ruined the day for me), we were in a rush to get to the hotel, I am terribly absent-minded, etc. I do have to ...continue reading

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Parliament Hill and a Thrift Store Thrill

After leaving Toronto, we spent a night in Smiths Falls, a small-ish town between TO and Ottawa. On the way, we managed to catch this beautiful sunset:

...continue reading

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Breaking the Windy City

Chicago! Windy! Oprah! Perfect Strangers!

The end.

…Just kidding. Believe it or not, there’s more to the windy city than what’s listed above. We spent an entire week there, which in and of itself was such a luxury. This is the first time since Calgary that we’ve stayed more than two nights in one location. As you might imagine, ...continue reading

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Montana To British Columbia (By Way Of Bavaria)

From Ennis we continued North to Montana’s capital, Helena, and arrived under thick, gray rain clouds. Being a Sunday, most of the stores in the little town center were closed, and it seemed like maybe Helena was not much worth seeing. We wandered into a little pedestrian-only shopping area, and before long the sun made its first appearance ...continue reading

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