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Breaking the Windy City

Chicago! Windy! Oprah! Perfect Strangers!

The end.

…Just kidding. Believe it or not, there’s more to the windy city than what’s listed above. We spent an entire week there, which in and of itself was such a luxury. This is the first time since Calgary that we’ve stayed more than two nights in one location. As you might imagine, ...continue reading

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Milltown, Brewtown, and Charlie Brown

milltown, brewtown, and charlie brownAs Pia said in the last post, Saskatoon and North Dakota were not the most exciting places to drive through, and as nice as small farming communities are, they don’t offer a lot of sights for the visitor to see, but North Dakota did allow us to see the world’s largest pile of oil cans (believe it or not, this wasn’t a destination sight for ...continue reading

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The Pie’s the Limit, Vol. 1

Let’s talk about pie. Pie! Is there a better dessert? Cookies are portable, and cake is nice, and cupcakes are fun but (I think) overrated. Pie, on the other hand. It takes some time to make; you can’t whip one up in ten minutes, especially if you’re making the crust from scratch. People are a little scared by pie dough, which is ...continue reading

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Left and Leaving: Victoria, Vancouver, Boise

nomadic travellers in boiseWell… it’s finally here. After what feels like an eternity of planning, at long last we’re on the road, and it’s the real deal. After four years of planning and preparation, we expected the act of finally leaving to be a momentous and event, but in the end we really had multiple little departures rather than one big one.

Mini-departure ...continue reading

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