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Fall Colours, Surprised Mothers, and a Gigantic Fiddle

cape breton island fall coloursLet’s see… when my lovely wife left off we had just reached Halifax, or as I like to think of it, the East Coast’s Victoria. It really did feel a lot like our home town, even though we were on the opposite side of the country. I think the fact that it rained a whole bunch ...continue reading

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Maritimes and Struggling Rhymes

New BrunswickSo, when Pia left off we were at the end of the Gaspé Peninsula in Percé, Quebec, home of the famous Percé rock. We took a boat tour from Percé which took us to see their namesake then around nearby Bonaventure Island, a provincial park which is home to the largest colony of northern gannets in the world, and neighbourhood hangout for young punk seals with nothing better to do but lie around in the ...continue reading

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Hot Town, Hot Tub, and Hot Poutine

montreal skylineWe arrived in Montreal at about 1:00 in the afternoon and by dinner time we were thoroughly charmed and already labeling it a place we could happily live. We rented a little studio apartment on the plateau, which turned out to be a fantastic location (mostly by sheer luck, since availability was limited for vacation rentals when we went to book it) allowing us to walk basically everywhere we ...continue reading

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Back into Canada: Niagara Falls and T.O.

niagara falls and torontoAfter a chunk of time in the US, I have to say it feels good to be back in the Great White North basking in the warm glow of the metric system, multi-coloured money, and unnecessary apologies. We came back into Canada trough Detroit and into Windsor, Ontario, where we had lunch with my Uncle’s sister, her son ...continue reading

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Milltown, Brewtown, and Charlie Brown

milltown, brewtown, and charlie brownAs Pia said in the last post, Saskatoon and North Dakota were not the most exciting places to drive through, and as nice as small farming communities are, they don’t offer a lot of sights for the visitor to see, but North Dakota did allow us to see the world’s largest pile of oil cans (believe it or not, this wasn’t a destination sight for ...continue reading

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Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends, and Cowboys

Banff National Park AlbertaWe rolled into Calgary last Tuesday (July 12th) for a little visit with friends and family, and stayed with some lovely friends of ours, Julie and Jeremy. When we arrived we only intended to stay for a few days – maybe until the weekend, we thought – but our hosts managed to keep convincing us to stay a little longer, and a little longer (“but if you stay an extra day then ...continue reading

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Left and Leaving: Victoria, Vancouver, Boise

nomadic travellers in boiseWell… it’s finally here. After what feels like an eternity of planning, at long last we’re on the road, and it’s the real deal. After four years of planning and preparation, we expected the act of finally leaving to be a momentous and event, but in the end we really had multiple little departures rather than one big one.

Mini-departure ...continue reading

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Montana To British Columbia (By Way Of Bavaria)

From Ennis we continued North to Montana’s capital, Helena, and arrived under thick, gray rain clouds. Being a Sunday, most of the stores in the little town center were closed, and it seemed like maybe Helena was not much worth seeing. We wandered into a little pedestrian-only shopping area, and before long the sun made its first appearance ...continue reading

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Test Trip 2: Planned For Alaska, Left For Wyoming

I’m not sure where the last couple of weeks have gone. Maybe we packed them by accident. I can’t tell anymore. Once we got back from our first test run, we started going fast and furiously on packing, getting rid of things, finding tenants for our house, and final preparations for the trip. Before we knew it, the night before our trip to Alaska arrived and our heads were spinning.

Our initial plan for this second ...continue reading

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Our Home For The Next 6 Months

As mentioned previously, we’re beginning our trip with a road trip around Canada and the US, and since it would be extremely pricey to stay in hotels every night, we’re going to camp the majority of the time. The comfort issues and setup time associated with tenting made it something we would rather not do for 6 months straight, so we needed to find an affordable solution that was comfortable for us to live and work in ...continue reading

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