About Us

We’re Mark and Pia. We’ve been together since 2006, and were married in September 2010 in Victoria, British Columbia in the South-West corner of Canada. We’ve decided to take some time to live and work nomadically while we’re still young and somewhat unencumbered, and while we’re at points in our careers where a change won’t set us back too far.

This blog is a way for us to share the experiences of our trip with our friends and family (and the odd voyeuristic stranger), and for others with similar plans to use as inspiration, to benefit from our research or to learn from our mistakes (which we hope will be few and far between).

This trip has been a long time in the planning, and we’ve had to plan our lives accordingly to make it happen. To find out how this idea started, how it changed over time, and how we made it a reality, I suggest starting at the beginning with The Story So Far…. If you want to know some of the finer details of how we’re making it happen, you can take a look at the Nomadic Nitty-Gritty page.

Thanks for reading,
Mark and Pia

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