In Bruges, The Canadian Edition (Half as Exciting, Twice as Polite!)

Ah, Bruges. We stayed in an apartment on the most beautiful cobblestone street, lined with old brick buildings, no less than five chocolate shops and even an embroidery shop three blocks down. It was pretty fantastic.

What did we do? Really, hardly anything. Wandered, drank stunning beer, cooked (and cooked and cooked…I may have gone a little overboard), watched movies, slept late, ate cannibal toast (me, not Mark — raw beef on toast. Delicious and super fun to order!), and just soaked in the beautiful atmosphere.

We watched the city’s namesake movie, which was dark and hilarious and twisted – my favourite combination. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know that the Belfry plays an important role in it. Mark climbed up there one day and took in the view:

We also took a boat trip down the canals. Somehow we were incredibly lucky and managed to be the only people on the boat. We got envious glances from all of the many other packed boats. We felt special.

We spent just over two weeks in Belgium, and I have to say that it was a real highlight of the trip so far for me. The people were lovely, the beer was fantastic, and every town we visited was beautiful. It would be really easy here to make a lame rhyming joke here about Belgium being “swell-gium” but I’m better than that. Aren’t I?

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  1. Corinna Cochrane says:

    Belgium looks beautiful!! I love the brick and all the arches, so pretty. It is nice that you two got to take a few days to relax, it must get really tiring going from place to place!

  2. Alex says:

    What about the waffles?

  3. Eve says:

    It looks very peaceful there, I bet the people are very mellow. This is now on my “places I must go” list

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