Breaking the Windy City

Chicago! Windy! Oprah! Perfect Strangers!

The end.

…Just kidding. Believe it or not, there’s more to the windy city than what’s listed above. We spent an entire week there, which in and of itself was such a luxury. This is the first time since Calgary that we’ve stayed more than two nights in one location. As you might imagine, moving around so much can be a bit wearying at times. In Chicago, we had an amazing apartment in Greektown, and a super awesome roommate:

This is my cousin Gina, and she’s pretty much the best person ever. She’s a smarty-pants doctor doing her residency in Chicago, and she’s gorgeous and funny and only a little bit mean sometimes when I compliment her on her almond-shaped eyes. We were lucky enough to crash with her for a whole week. We parked our car in a long-term lot at O’Hare Airport, then caught the subway to straight outside her apartment (so convenient!). The first few days we were in Chicago, we walked and walked and walked. We saw the Planetarium, which was featuring a couple of cheesy movies and these amazing glasses:

We also checked out Millennium Park, where Cloud Gate (otherwise known as the “Bean”) is, took an architectural boat tour, and explored most of downtown:

Thursday night we made the terrible mistake of brilliant decision to watch my all-time favourite movie, Troll 2. And play a drinking game. With an unnamed someone. Who pours very heavy-handed drinks.

Several drinks, hours, and fragment sentences later, we were all in unfortunate states. I spent the next two days recovering from this, but I regret nothing! I love that movie so much it hurts a little.

We got to spend some time with a few of Gina’s friends, who were all lovely if a bit mocking of Canadians. In their defense, I did rail against the imperial system a few times and we probably apologized unnecessarily at least once or twice. Food-wise, we ate very well in Chicago – South Indian (my favourite!), Italian, dim sum, Filipino, Greek, Algerian (with another cousin, Rahael). We even snagged a couple of hot dogs on our way out of the city. Plus, Mark found a little doppelgänger:

So, all in all, Chicago was pretty fantastic, and would only have been made better had we spotted Oprah outside Harpo studios. Gina, thank you so much for your hospitality. I promise you we won’t piss on it. We look forward to moving back in with you permanently.

Tonight we’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is some proof:

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  1. Corinna Cochrane says:

    Wow that really does look like Mark!

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